Sofia Katsoula

Personal Information

  • Born In: Athens, Greece
  • Position: Associate
  • Phone: +30 210 3617317
  • Fax: +30 210 3601110
  • Email:

Sofia Katsoula is an Attorney-at-Law in Athens and a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2016. She received her Law Degree from the Faculty of Law of the European University of Cyprus in 2016, with Ηonors. In 2013 she graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, School of Law, of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and in 2016 she was awarded the postgraduate title “Legal Culture: Public and Private Law” by the Department of Public Administration of Panteion University, with the degree “Excellent”. In the framework of her postgraduate qualification, she prepared her thesis on the topic: “Absolute procedural nullity of article 171 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the rights of the accused”, similarly rated with the degree “Excellent”. In 2013 she was employed by the Greek Parliament in the Legislative Department. From 2016 until today she has been working as a lawyer with a daily presence on behalf of her clients both before administrative and judicial authorities, especially in civil law and criminal law cases.